Sunday, August 23, 2015

Katrina 10 roundup

I've compiled links to articles - everything from brief news stories to longform pieces - surrounding the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. I've also tried separating them into categories or genres. This is obviously a work in progress and I'll update this as the week leading up to the actual anniversary continues, and afterwards. What've I missed?

last updated: 8/25/15

Memoir/personal reflection
"Essay: Claire Z. Cardona, a ‘Katrina Kid,’ on weathering ‘The Big One’" Dallas News

"NASA vs Nature, " ArsTechnica

"I worked for the governor of Louisiana during Katrina. Here are 5 things I learned." Vox

"Ten years after," The New Yorker

"New Orleans' beautiful complexity was the one thing Katrina didn't wash away," The Guardian

"How One of Katrina’s Feel-Good Stories Turned Bad," Buzzfeed

Coastal preparedness
"Since Katrina: NASA Advances Storm Models, Science,"

"New Orleans area's upgraded levees not enough for next 'Katrina,' engineers say,"

"Policy: Hurricane Katrina’s lessons for the world," Nature

"Offshore oil and gas industry adapts, but risks remain 10 years after Katrina,"

“How to Save a Sinking Coast? Katrina Created a Laboratory,” New York Times

"Protecting a New Generation of Poisoned Kids After Katrina," National Geographic

"10 Years Later, Did We Learn Anything from Hurricane Katrina?" Forbes

"From the archives"
"And Still They Rise: Confronting Katrina," Edge of Sports

"The Superdome: Monument to a Rotten System," Edge of Sports

"THEN AND NOW: See how New Orleans has bounced back 10 years after Hurricane Katrina," NY Daily News

"How Katrina changed us: 9 essays of loss, perseverance and rebirth,"

Cultural change, policy change, and gentrification
"Remembering Katrina in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement," Medium

"Hurricane Katrina proved that if black lives matter, so must climate justice," The Guardian

"Hurricane Katrina, ten years later: When the investor class goes marching in," UMN Press Blog

"New Orleans, the Reluctant 'City Laboratory'" CityLab

"“It’s not just a party, it’s our life”: Jazz musicians led the way back to the city after Katrina — but what is this “new” New Orleans?" Salon

"Who Killed Public Housing in New Orleans?" The Nation

In fact, check out this week's entire issue of The Nation:

"10 New Orleanians on How Katrina Changed Their City" Next City

"'Death of My Career' What happened to New Orleans' veteran black teachers" Ed Week

"“Reform” makes broken New Orleans schools worse: Race, charters, testing and the real story of education after Katrina," Salon

"10 years after Katrina, a look at Obama’s promises to rebuild and protect New Orleans," The Lens

"A Housing Crisis Amid Tens of Thousands of Abandoned Homes," The Atlantic

"Starting Over, " The New Yorker